Monday, May 12, 2014

Day six: graduation

The students said good-bye to space camp and the friends they made here.  Our "Von Lions" team received an award for the students' spirit and collaborations during the week.  Each student also received commendations during graduation.  After the ceremony, we had a little time to visit the gift shop again, and explore the outdoor Rocket Park then decided to use up some energy by swimming before heading back home to our families.  It was a wonderful week filled with laughter and learning.  Thanks for all your support.


Day five: Rocket launch, simulations and more missions

"We set up our four rockets for blast off"
"We did see the rockets take off, [but] some our ours headed towards the woods and struck trees."

"We built and fired rockets, but they hit trees so we can't get them back :("

". . .  prepare[d for our] airplane battle, [but] I didn't survive in video game. . . . nighttime we [did a] military [escape & evasion mission] and I'm Point 2.  We took risks, and it was pretty fun, but it hurt when I crawled on rocks" -Rain

 "I played [flight simulator] challenge to my own team, [but I lost] the game.  [At] night, it is cold outside, but it is fun to try [escape and evasion].  [We needed to be] very sneaky and tag one person.  I don't like to put black soil on my face, ewww!  I love that game/activity [while we were doing it]. - Fauntaye

"I rode the [1/6th chair that simulates] gravity on the moon.  It is so very cool.  Also, I rode the MAT; it [spins fast and] I can't control myself.  G-Force is so awesome to ride!

"multi-axis trainer and space walking [were] so much fun!  [The] ride Space shot. . . it was so awesome!" -Rain 

"I like to ride in space suit [that simulates a] walk on moon.  It's so weird to feel light . . . . . it made my face red =D"

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day four: water filtering experiment & aviation challenge

"I made [a] filter for cleaning water.  I made the  [the dirty wast water] very clear.  [It was] fun to figure out.  I did accomplish the mission . . .[and was] very proud of my achieve[ment]." -Rain

"We experimented [filtering] fake pee to become the clear water.  My team came in 2nd [place]."

"I played a [simuation] game "airplane." It's kinda hard, but fun."

"I practice[d using] the airplane [ simulator] for dogfight.  It was hard.  . I crashed many times!"

"I crashed on the ground 7 or 8 times and 1 time crashed into the water."