Monday, May 12, 2014

Day five: Rocket launch, simulations and more missions

"We set up our four rockets for blast off"
"We did see the rockets take off, [but] some our ours headed towards the woods and struck trees."

"We built and fired rockets, but they hit trees so we can't get them back :("

". . .  prepare[d for our] airplane battle, [but] I didn't survive in video game. . . . nighttime we [did a] military [escape & evasion mission] and I'm Point 2.  We took risks, and it was pretty fun, but it hurt when I crawled on rocks" -Rain

 "I played [flight simulator] challenge to my own team, [but I lost] the game.  [At] night, it is cold outside, but it is fun to try [escape and evasion].  [We needed to be] very sneaky and tag one person.  I don't like to put black soil on my face, ewww!  I love that game/activity [while we were doing it]. - Fauntaye

"I rode the [1/6th chair that simulates] gravity on the moon.  It is so very cool.  Also, I rode the MAT; it [spins fast and] I can't control myself.  G-Force is so awesome to ride!

"multi-axis trainer and space walking [were] so much fun!  [The] ride Space shot. . . it was so awesome!" -Rain 

"I like to ride in space suit [that simulates a] walk on moon.  It's so weird to feel light . . . . . it made my face red =D"

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