Monday, April 28, 2014

Day one

"We had fun at the hotel; sadly we left  to sleep at the habitat.  It's so cool but kinda feel uncomfortable. . . I should be patient.  I met a few new friends! I like space camp but I still miss my home and school.  We learned things from Apollo 12 [and other missions]. It's very nice there" -Noah

"I listened to the leader of my team about fire and tornado [emergency procedures].  We went to eat the food  in the cafeteria.  I watched a movie [in the IMAX] theater.  I liked today!  I looked around the museum, [at the] shuttle and other things..  . . We listened to their presentation about events this week."
- Fauntaye

"[Space Camp experiences make me] more curious.  After we at dinner, we went to watch Walking on The Moon  in IMAX and it was awesome! The we went to the US Rocket museum [it was] cool to see many different rockets. "  -Rain

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