Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day two: low ropes and rocket construction

"It was so fun to play a game.  It help us to work together and [develop] teamwork.  . .  . [there was one] bucket with three balls and another bucket that was empty.. .  .[we had to] move the balls into the bucket [without touching them].   It's kinda hard." -Noah

"It the habitat we [were given] the most challenging mission.  The bucket supped to be toxic poison, and you can't touch it.  So it pretty hard." - Rain

I played with my team [by pretending we were] heading to an island [and could only use] three woods on the stone [as bridges]. . . . Failed a few times, the success!"-Fauntaye

"Last night we built a rocket!!!!  It's [a] pieced of cake!" -Noah

". . . [we learned] different methods [for] the rocket that is handmade."

"I made a rocket and [was] really interested [by how] to make it."

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