Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day three : high ropes, scuba, and "apple-nauts"

"Today I climbed the 32 ft high [Pamper Pole] and jumped off.  It's pretty scary [at the] top of it!

Then I went to learn SCUBA diving.  [The pressure]  hurt your ears, but it [was] fun!"
- Rainy

"Today I climbed the pole, about 32 ft tall, I almost [managed to] stand on top of pole, [when] my body started to shake and I can't breathe, then let go of the pole.  I felt like [whew! I'm] still alive!

I can't go to scuba but I can swim [in] the water for 15 minutes.  Before that, we got out of the water because the weather had lightening and hard rain."

"I had an amazing time! I [was] really nervous to climb on the log with many metal handles.  I did stand on the top of the log and jumped and touched their rope.  Then I feel so glad and brave!!!

I [swam in the] 24 feet deep water tank. It didn't go well for me because I didn't blow my nose out [to equalize the pressure], so I [just swam at the surface of the] pool.  It's so cool to breathe [using SCUBA gear and an air] tank. SO COOL!!!"

"We did an experiment on apples, test on apples in water and light. . . . We covered [ the apple using] these things: cloth, tape, bag and foil.  Then after 10 minutes we put use apples with [ various "space suits"]'in the water and under lights in the box.  After 20 minutes, we all took these apples out of the box and water, we measured them and test [for water. Light, and heat protection]."

"[We designed a] space suit for an apple; [we had to] imagine the apple is a human [with] human needs for warmth and dryness and no harm."

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