Saturday, April 26, 2014

Huntsville Alabama (Day1)

Flying into town we could see the enormous rockets that mark Space Camp.  Students are writing in their journals and we'll have some words from them soon, but we just wanted to share some more photos and let everyone know that after earning flight wings, we've arrived safe and sound in this lovely city known for its contributions to aeronautics.

"My friends were so nervous of airplane but [after we] rode in the airplane, we felt comfortable.  . . .Space Camp looks so cool and I can't wait for tomorrow! :|)
- Noah

". . . Funniest, craziest day ever. . .  I wish we could stay two weeks here.
First time to [fly in an ] airplane to Atlanta. ..  Sky with cloud is so beautiful!  Then we ride another flight toAlabama . ..  Slept in the hotel. . . Swimming in pool.  I am so ready for Space Camp!

"I wish that I own the airplane, because I love how it feel- like I [am riding on a] roller coaster and then feel like I'm in a car, but faster.  Since we arriv[ed in] Huntsville, we['ve been] talking, sleeping, and [teasing each other], seeing Space Camp and swimming!" - Rain

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