Thursday, April 24, 2014

Final count down. T-4 days until lift-off

Tuesday during ISP we learned about the space shuttle program and how rockets & orbiters (satellites) work.  That afternoon, students stayed for "movie night" where we watched the movie The Right Stuff.

"Today we learned about the space shuttle and [watched a] movie." -Fauntaye

"I learned that the space shuttle is almost like rocket and airplane.  . . . They have a few parts [like] external tank, solid rocket booster, and main engines" -Noah

"When [space shuttles] take off, the huge external tank releases and the orbiter (looks like airplane) goes to space." Rain

"I learned that [astronaut candidates take a] lot of tests, studies, and exercise. .   . I think the movie is awesome." Noah

"Since I watch[ed] the movie, I learn[ed] something more interesting. . .. . [Mercury 7 astronauts used] teamwork and tried to achieve the mission." -Rain

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